723 Main St. Pioche, NV.

Old Wells Fargo Vault

​​A.K.A. The Alamo Club

As with most places here in Pioche, the building is rich with history, therefore it became a "watering hole" for the E. Clampus Vitus chapter 1919 of Southern Nevada.

In 1860 the building housed a Wells Fargo Bank and Stage Stop. The old Bank Vault is still in the back of the building but now houses storage rather than money. 

​Like with most of the old buildings in Pioche, it is believed by some that there are ghosts among us.

1900 The building was remodeled into a bar and named the Alamo.  The Alamo held the longest continuous liquor license in the State of Nevada.  Purchased by Jim Marsh of Las Vegas in 2004 the name was changed to the Bank Club (to most locals dismay). As a result many still call it the Alamo Club.

Although the location is not known for sure, in the back of the building, believed to be near the vault, there was an underground tunnel that ran down hill to the back of the pharmacy/soda shop.  During "prohabition" there where stills hidden in the tunnel. 

The bar operated with a small kitchen.  The pass-through is still visible behind the bar.  During prohibition, Large dark drapes covered all the windowns visible to the street and also encircled the booths where people "ate".

Like most old Nevada bars, it was also a brothel until approximately 1950 when it became illegal in Lincoln County.

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